I finally have another picture of my oldest son to share. Tuesday evening he had his very first kindergarten program. I was actually surprised that he sang, played an instrument (wooden sticks) and did all the motions he was supposed to do. After the program he was sitting on the bleachers in the gym and I asked if I could take his picture. He wouldn’t look at me, but I will take whatever I can get. ♥

P.S. I promise I love both my boys equally. I have more pictures of my baby though because he is home with me all day and he is a bit more cooperative. He just doesn’t know any better yet.

8 Responses to “he wouldn’t look at me | tyler, tx child photographer”

  1. Mrs. Fun says:

    He is so cute!! I love his hair and his big eyes!! Adorable.
    My kids usually just stand there,lol.

  2. Brit says:

    What one sweet smile! <3 :)

  3. lesley says:

    Look at those big brown eyes & that smile! Love this, Beth!

  4. Crystal says:

    What a handsome fella!

  5. robin says:

    What a handsome little guy, I love this black and white conversion!

  6. Candy Howard says:

    This is a special capture!!

  7. sara says:

    such soulful pretty eyes!

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