I have had to skip a few weeks of my 26 week project, but I am back this week with a new excitement about seeing this project through to the end. The theme for this week is “takes my breath away”. I started thinking of things that take my breath away, and I couldn’t help but think of spring and how everything just comes alive. I always get so excited every year when the wisteria blooms. It is so beautiful and magical.

Follow the circle starting with the fabulous Aubry Startin: Aubry Startin | Phoenix Family & Wedding Photographer

7 Responses to “project 26 – week 9 | tyler, tx photographer”

  1. Kara May says:

    Oh…flowers take my breath away too. Love these colors. I don’t see this color much here in the desert. Beautiful post Elisabeth!

  2. MrsFun says:

    These are so beautiful. Love the softness!! The detail in the last one is amazing.

  3. gina says:

    amazing colours you captured in the wisteria. so beautiful!

  4. Very beautiful for certain! How lovely!

  5. oh…these are truly breathtaking! there is such a miracle in flowers i think. wisteria are among my favorites. the coloring in these is just beautiful – the delicate web – all of them. gorgeous.

  6. Made me sigh. . just love these so much!!! Beautiful processing!!!

  7. Your purple and greenish grey tones are gorgeous!

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